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Advanced Web system that, through a combination of mathematical models and information from the field, autonomously manages the water supply and supports decisions on the nutritional management of grapevine and olive crops.

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Type of Project

Industrial Research and Experimental Development


  • e.RATIO
  • L’ALSIA (Agenzia Lucana di Sviluppo e di Innovazione in Agricoltura )

Performed activity

Development and testing of a Smart Farming IoT solution in the open field


The EASy Project is the smart system that innovates the use of water resources and nutrition in agriculture.

The goal is to give a concrete response to agricultural management systems aimed at saving the natural resources used to fertilize and irrigate land intended for crops.

The project is co-financed by the Fund for Sustainable Growth Call “Agrifood” PON I&C 2014-2020, pursuant to Ministerial Decree 5 March 2018 Chapter III.

The goal is to create an advanced web-based tool that, through the combination of mathematical models and data collected from the field through feeler, can independently manage the irrigation phases and can quickly provide nutritional recommendations on tree crops in the field.

Meteorological, pedoclimatic, cultural data and soil moisture will be processed and used to quantify the water volumes to be supplied in order to meet the needs of the plant,
elaborating the water balance of the crops and quantifying the volumes to be irrigated. The volumes will also be differentiated, throughout the season, in relation to the phenological phases of the plant. The system will be able to automate the irrigation system by communicating with the solenoid valves of the systems.

The E.A.Sy project offers technical solutions for the nutrition of native crops by defining optimized and innovative fertilization protocols that take into account the concentration of the elements available in the circulating solution and the real needs of the crop in relation to the growth flow.

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