Research and Development


The experience in IoT systems for the interaction between devices and software applications and the skills in GIS and Web-GIS have allowed us to carry out projects in the field of intelligent agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Some of our projects


The goal is to create an advanced web-based tool that, through the combination of mathematical models and data collected from the field through probes, can independently manage the irrigation phases and can quickly provide nutritional recommendations on tree crops in the field. open. IRRIGATION Meteorological, pedoclimatic, cultural data and soil moisture [...]


The CARBOND tool, thanks to WebGIS technologies and the use of a complex simulation model such as APEX, developed by the Blackland Research & Extension Center of Texas A&M University, simulates and quantifies the following ecosystem services on agricultural soils: Change in organic carbon stock in the soil Regulation of the water cycle Regulation of the nutrient cycle
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